Cybercomb is a cloud based technology platform offering the power of computing to humanity at the lowest cost

It is an open platform based on open standards, providing industrial grade computing infrastructure available on demand anytime, anywhere at a minimal cost to the user. This is cloud computing that is inexpensive and accessible by everyone. It allows user collaboration at a large scale and can be deployed across geographies in a short period. With Cybercomb, data and applications follow the user everywhere.



With Cybercomb, users have a single sign-in for all content, data, applications and media; do not require any operating systems, hardware virtualization (VDI) or Virtual Private Networks (VPN) taking away licensing costs; can use multiple operating platforms from a single source; get connected to other cloud based services (eg. Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive etc.) in an easy, single view, with movement of data across all drives.




NGOs / Social Enterprises


Cybercomb and CombPi are being successfully implemented across projects ranging from digital literacy and early childhood development to capacity building and youth innovation.


We do appreciate the effort of Cybercomb to facilitate state-of-the-art computing power in 2 government schools of Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh.
…the device CombPi can work without regular Internet or at the lowest bandwidth, providing last mile access to Cloud within a LAN even in the remotest of areas.

Arvind Shukla , Senior Scientific Officer, Education and Research Network (ERNET), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, India

Cybercomb was a welcome relief especially because it aimed at enhancing the learning process from early childhood education through to primary school. The children’s aptitude and attitude towards subjects like Maths, English and Science has changed positively as the digital learning is entertaining. So much so that the kids have started coming in earlier than their usual class times to get to be able to work on the platform.

Lucy Mathai Founder & Director, SIDAREC Kenya



CombPi is a unique credit card sized computing and coding device that democratizes education and digital literacy in countries.

It is a new generation device with more powerful, more energy-efficient hardware and a smaller form factor.

CombPi ensures that no one is left behind in the digital learning curve as the device can work without regular Internet and at the lowest bandwidth, providing last mile connectivity even in the remotest of areas.

JKUAT-CyberComb Innovation Hub

At the prestigious Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi, the ‘Hub’ is a unique collaboration and education space designed using frugal technology to foster entrepreneurship and innovation amongst students and the wider Kenyan community. The Hub serves as an incubator to mentor, groom and commercialize innovations.

The Hub’s aim is to continuously fuel an ecosystem of innovation that allows people to develop solutions and enterprises using technology, thereby positively shaping the way African innovation is viewed across the world. 

The Hub’s mission is to become a centre of excellence in innovation and knowledge creation, linked to the fast moving world of global interconnectivity, fostering socio-economic development and growth across Africa.


CyberComb-SIDAREC Digital Literacy Center

The Center provides affordable education and teaching of basic computer, IT and foundational skills to a range of learners, in association with Slums Information Development and Resource Centres (SIDAREC) at slums in Nairobi.

Our particular focus is on early childhood development amongst children of ages 2-6 years from non-literate communities with no access to school and no prior exposure to computers or technology.

This technology-based program enables children to learn at their own pace in their own space. This is particularly important in impoverished communities where children—especially girls—are expected to contribute to the work of the family or may not have a safe school environment.

Early findings in using CyberComb technology for self-directed learning have shown that children are able to self-organise into learning communities where children teach themselves and each other.

The mission is to bridge the digital divide by using Cybercomb frugal innovation technology for educating and empowering at least 1 million children from marginalized communities across Kenya, in line with Kenya Vision 2030.